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Artwork Requirements

In order to create beautiful awards we need specific types of files. For logos, we need vector line art and it must be Adobe Illustrator compatible. We always prefer .ai or .eps file types, however, sometimes even .ai or .eps files contain bitmap images and still need to be redrawn. What is the difference between vector (line art) and raster (jpeg, bitmap, etc.) images?

Vector artwork is two dimensional  artwork that is made up of lines and curves.  Vector files do not have a limit as to how much they can be enlarged without loss of resolution; they will always have perfect quality.  Vector file types include .ai, .eps, .indd, .pdf, and .cdr.  However, just because a file is one of the fore mentioned types does not mean that the artwork inside the file is vector line art.
Raster images can be embedded into any of the fore mentioned file formats.  If you don’t know whether your file is vector line art or not, please feel free to send the art to and we will check it out for you.
Raster artwork is artwork composed of pixels or dots in horizontal and vertical lines.  Raster files (often called bitmaps) can only be enlarged so much before the quality of the image decays.  Typical raster file types are .psd, .tif, .jpg, .bmp, and .gif.  These file types are ALWAYS raster images and cannot be used for the production of your award customization.  
If you do not have the vector line art of your logo we will be happy to redraw it.  Vector artwork redraws start at a one-time charge of $35.00 depending on the logo.  The price varies depending on the length of time our artist has to spend recreating the file.
Note: most logo art is originally created in a vector format. The odds are very high that the original vector file is available somewhere in your organization.  So, if you can locate it, you can avoid any additional expense of having to redraw it.


Art/Logo Requirements
 • Adobe Illustrator vector art (.ai or .eps)
        -Vector black and white line art (no gray scales) OR
        -Vector art with PMS colors embedded in the file

Text Requirements
• All personalization lists must be sent in an Excel file
    • The entire name of a person should be in one cell
    • Only one individual’s name per cell
    • Names must be typed exactly as you want them to appear on the award (including capitalization and punctuation)
    • Faxed names lists will not be accepted

Font Requirements
 • If you have a specific font you would like to use please email it to us at
    • Please be advised that some fonts may not be acceptable, especially fine line script fonts due to the narrow spacing and line width of the font style
    • Bold, open, sans serif fonts work the best