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10 Awards that Make Great Holiday Gifts: Why You Should Award Your Loved Ones This Year

Teacher award

You may be lucky enough to have a family full of people who are easy to shop for – they love everything, so your only problem is deciding which great gift idea to go with.

What’s more likely is that you’ve got several people on your list who are impossible to shop for – you struggle every year trying to find something they’ll like that they don’t already have.

This year, instead of falling back on a generic gift certificate, choose a beautiful, customized award that shows how much thought you put into their gift.

Here are 10 awards that would make perfect presents for the award-worthy members of your inner circle.

1.  The Teacher

If you have any teachers in your life, you know just how hard they work, and how rarely they may feel recognized.  Show your child’s favorite teacher that you see and appreciate what they do with a personalized crystal apple, or this vibrant apple paperweight.

2.  The SpitfireFire Award

Who is the spicy spitfire in your family?  You know the one:  the person who always plays devil’s advocate, attends local protests and sparks debates around the dinner table.  Give your family’s
firebrand this striking blaze of an art glass sculpture that stands in contrast to its black marble base.

3.  The Graduate

I don’t know about you, but when I pictured my first post-college job, I imagined having a fancy desk with an equally fancy nameplate.  That’s what travel awardit looked like in the movies!  Though your favorite graduate might just be working in a tiny cubicle,
you can make it feel a little more special by giving this beautiful glass nameplate, which will surely
be displayed with pride.


4.  The Traveler

Most of us have at least one wanderlust-filled world traveler in our midst.  You know the type – always just returning from or about to head to some exotic locale they can’t wait to see.  Show your admiration and respect for their globetrotting lifestyle with this elegant globe atop a stately column.

5.  The Artist

The art world may not award its best as much as the corporate world does, but that doesn’t mean you can’t award your family’s resident artist yourself.  Regardless of their medium, they will love thisArtist Award unique, asymmetrical metal sculpture that speaks of design and balance.

6. The #1 Mom/Dad/Aunt/Uncle/Grandparent

Does anyone tire of being told that they’re #1?  That’s a rhetorical question – the answer is “no.”  Surely, you have a family member who is super-committed to their role as a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle.  Make it clear that you think the world of them by presenting this simple, glass number one award.

7.  The Musician

Maybe your nephew is a budding guitarist, or your sister is a moonlighting violinist.  Whoever your favorite local musician is, they’d appreciate this sophisticated fluted crystal award that resembles an old-fashioned gramophone.

8.  The Craft Beer Connoisseur

Beer aficionados have become as ubiquitous as wine lovers these days.  Get big gift points this Beer Glassesyear by giving your favorite beer enthusiast a set of personalized beer glasses that double as shot glasses and candle holders.

9.  The Athlete

The beauty of this stylish crystal sports award is that it’s just as fitting for your 10-year-old, baseball-obsessed nephew as it is for your tennis-loving sister-in-law.  It references athletics while still being an elegant display piece for any room.

10.     The Family Historian

Our custom artwork makes a big statement – you decide what you want it to say.  Several types make great gifts for the family member who loves delving into family trees.  Deco casting is a perfect way to immortalize an influential ancestor.  And our water jet technology allows you to have a family home set in stone…or glass or crystal or several other materials.Custom Art

Sometimes the best gifts are those that show how well we know the recipient and how much thought we put in to finding the perfect thing.

These are just a few of the hundreds of awards that can be customized to fit the unique qualities of your friends and family members this holiday season.