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5 of Our Most Jaw-Dropping Crystal Awards

Just as with our children, we can’t possibly say that we have favorites amongst our awards …but we must admit that we’re pretty partial to our crystal collection.    

The only thing we don’t like about crystal is the fact that its beauty can’t possibly be captured in a Ancona Vasestill photograph, which doesn’t show the gorgeous way that it catches and reflects light.  If you’ve seen our new video, then you understand just how stunning these awards are in real life.

Well, we decided to take a bit of time to highlight some of the crystal awards that we’re most proud to offer our customers.  Enjoy perusing these light-catching beauties and let us know which ones you love.

1.  The Ancona Trophy Vase

     What’s great about this award is that it’s equally lovely as a stand-          alone award and as a functional flower vase.  The swooping cuts into      the base create depth and interest, as well as reflections that change Continuous Circleswith the angles of the light.  The etching option allows you to truly make this a personal honor for any recipient.

2.  The Continuous Circle

We love our awards that double as modern sculpture.  This one is simple, elegant and fascinating to look at.  It’s a perfect, minimalist piece for those who prefer not to display anything too showy or ostentatious.  Having this prominently displayed on your desk would be a subtle way to demonstrate your accomplishments.  The etching and included color option lets you make it unique to each recipient.

Etched Eagle

3.  The Etched Eagle

This eagle, along with all of our etched crystal awards, looks beautiful in a photograph, but it’s almost mesmerizing in person.  The deep internal etching appears 3-D and life-like, and it allows you to appreciate a different, interesting view from every angle.  This artfully designed award sits atop a solid wooden base that features a customizable metal plate for the recipient’s name and the title of the honor they’ve received.

                                          4.  Ilumachrome Malibu

Illumachrone MalibuOur Illumachrome collection is the perfect way to incorporate a striking, full-color image into your crystal award.  The unique Illumachrome process sets the photo behind clear crystal, which gives the image depth and really makes vibrant colors come alive.  Your choice of image and text style make it a completely customizable piece as the award takes on a completely different form with the image you choose.  Any Illumachrome design will certainly be a conversation piece on any desk in any office.

5.  Phoenix

As I said, we don’t like to play favorites around here, but the Phoenix colored crystal award always takes my breath away.  PhoenixThe intricate design will continue to steal your gaze, time after time.  The overlapping strips of blue and clear crystal are an optical masterpiece.  And the resulting blue and rainbow-colored reflections that the piece will throw all around the room are just an added bonus.  The whole thing sits upon a walnut wood base with a customizable plate.

This handful of remarkable awards is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our crystal collection.  No matter what the honor or what the style of the recipient is, you’ll find the right fit.  Peruse the huge variety to find the perfect piece or reach out to seek our expert input.