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6 Spontaneous Ways to Boost Morale: How to Inject Your Work with Fun

You spend 1/3 of your life working and, if you’re lucky, 1/3 of it sleeping.  Between all the things you have to do in the other 8 hours, you probably find yourself having little time to fit in fun.

PizzaWorkplaces tend to fall into routines that leave you feeling a bit like Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day.”  Don’t despair though; we’re here to offer you some ideas that will help you liven up your team and bring a little sunshine to the daily drill.

1.  Pizza Party

Never underestimate the value of pizza.  Though the idea of a pizza party may seem juvenile, we challenge you to just try to think of a time free pizza wasn’t a welcomed sight.  If spirits are dragging, surprise your team with some hot, delicious pies for no reason at all.

To sweeten the deal, encourage everyone to hang out and enjoy lunch together instead of retreating back to their desks.  It’s a fun way to take a quick break while also expressing your appreciation for everyone’s work.

2.      Quote Board

If your workplace is anything like ours, people say some pretty quote-worthy things from time to time.  For whatever reason, everyone in the vicinity breaks down in giggles and someone even posts it on Facebook.

SO, why not go old school with a dry erase quote board? Keep it in a high-traffic spot (like the coffee machine) and encourage people to write down funny comments they say and hear.  It’ll provide a laugh as you mix your cream and sugar, while also strengthening team bonds.

 3.  SEAL

Stop Everything and Laugh.  If things are too quiet and it seems like everyone needs a lift, call a mandatory SEAL.  Send out a link to a funny video and take a few minutes to watch it together.  It may take 5 minutes out of your day, but it will leave a smile on faces all day.

 4.  Fee Compliments

During your next weekly meeting, take 20 minutes to give everyone a personal morale boost.  It’s easier than it sounds – just tape a large piece of paper with each person’s name on it around the room.  Ask everyone to walk around, silently and leave an anonymous compliment on each poster.  At the end, you all walk out with a lovely reminder of why your team values you.  Chances are, you’ll see them displayed proudlyBreakfast near many people’s desks.

 5.  Breakfast Club

Start a weekly breakfast club by inviting the whole group to sign up, on a volunteer basis.  Put everyone in pairs or small groups, assign each group a date and have them bring breakfast for the rest of the club on their designated morning.  You’d be surprised how much it can brighten your Wednesday morning to walk into a kitchen filled with free breakfast.

6.  Awards Show

Without announcing it beforehand, the next time you have everyone together, present funny paper awards.  They don’t even have to be related to work performance.  Try categories like, “Best Homemade Lunches,” “Funniest One Liners,” or “Best Copy Machine Fixer.”  You can even make it a weekly or monthly tradition if you need to build in time for fun.

The people with whom you work often end up becoming your second family, and some of your best friends, so it’s important to make sure that environment remains healthy and happy.  The best surefire way to do that is to consistently make time for laughter, bonding and fun.