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  • 03/12/2013

    Leadership Lessons from the YouTube Job Quitter: What You Can Learn from a Very Public Resignation

    Leaving a job is never easy, no matter how it happens.  It can involve awkward conversations, intense emotions, and a lot of uncertainty.  Marina Shifrin, however, made quitting fun.

    A couple of months ago, she posted a YouTube video in which she dances to a Kanye West song while subtitles explain her reasons for leaving, most of which involve the Taiwanese animation company’s failure to recognize her efforts or value her free time.  To date, the video has gotten nearly 17 million views.  Obviously, she hit a nerve and lots of other people relate.

    Though this is obviously an exaggerated and all-too-public way to express displeasure with an employer, Shifrin does make some valid points that could teach all business leaders a thing or two.

    1.  Reasonable Hours

    Shifrin created the video at her employer’s office at 4:30am, just after the rest of her fellow employees had left the office.  There are very few professionals who should be working at such an hour.  Of course, we realize that working after hours is sometimes necessary in order to get the job done, but your employees shouldn’t feel that working into the wee hours is expected.

    We all know those workaholic perfectionists who will keep working if you don’t kick them out of the office.  Kick them out.  If you want productive, healthy employees then you sometimes need to be the one who tells them it’s OK to stop, go home and get some R & R.

    2.  Respect Personal Lives

    One of the first subtitles that appears on the screen says that Shifrin sacrificed relationships, time and energy for her job.  While it’s normal for professionals to make occasional personal sacrifices for their job, it shouldn’t become a routine.  If work requires so much time and energy that employees are unable to see friends and family or do personally-fulfilling activities outside of work, there’s a problem.

    More than likely, one of the reasons you hired your employees was their personalities – the unique experience and perspective that they brought.  This probably included a positive outlook.  As you probably know firsthand, the more we neglect personal relationships and the things that make us happy, the less we embody our true selves and the less joy we bring to what we do at work.  Become a guardian of your team’s personal lives by encouraging them to leave work at a decent hour and by genuinely inquiring about their lives outside of the office.

     3.  Quantity vs. Quality

    Shifrin worked at a company that produced videos.  According to her own video, the company valued the number of views each video got much more than the quality of the videos (we’d be willing to bet that hers got more than any of the videos the company created). Most business leaders can probably somewhat relate to her numbers-driven managers.  In the majority of industries, measurable indicators of success are pretty important.

    The key here, however, is balance.  While employees’ performance must be measured and assessed with some form of data, it’s important not to forget the real people behind the numbers.  Some jobs may take longer than others, some employees may work more slowly but create very good work, and some forms of success just can’t be measured in numbers.

     4.  Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

    Though Shifrin didn’t mention her employers by name, it didn’t take long for people to do a bit of internet research to find out where she worked.  This could have been a PR bomb for that company, but it wasn’t.

    Instead of making a public apology or cowering quietly, they created a spoof of Shifrin’s video, in which they delivered a light-hearted response to her complaints and ended by telling viewers that, incidentally, they were hiring.

    Marina Shifrin was smart to know when enough was enough.  She used her creativity to send a message to her employers, and this resulted in overnight fame and a whole host of job offers from companies who prize unconventional thinking and risk-taking.

    Make sure that you hold onto intelligent, inventive employees by rewarding their success and by making it clear that you see them as whole people who exist outside of the four walls of your company.

    Make sure that you hold onto intelligent, inventive employees by rewarding their success and by making it clear that you see them as whole people who exist outside of the four walls of your company.

  • 29/10/2013

    Donor Wall Design Process

    Recognition Donor Wall Designs and Materials

    Donor walls are an important part of any donor program.  Positively reinforcing donations is simple and will keep your donor program moving forward and growing strong!  You can positively reinforce donors making donations by adding their name to a proudly displayed donor wall.  Creating a donor wall might seem like an intimidating process, but it is actually quite easy.

    Getting Started

    Simply contact an awards vendor (like Corporate Awards Source) of your choice, and provide them with the following information:

    1. 1.  Estimated size you would like the donor wall to be
    2. 2.  Estimated number of levels/donor names you would like the wall to have
    3. 3.  Materials you want the wall to be made of
    4. 4.  Theme/design suggestions
      • -do you want the wall to have lots of imagery? text? photos?
      • -all in color? or black and white?
      • -how many panels? 1, 2, 3..?
      • -traditional square panels? or curved modern designed panels?
      • -layered panels?
    5. 5.  Description of the space it will be in, perhaps email the vendor an image of the area
    6. 6.  Send the vendor any text, logos, or layout files that you have
    7. 7.  If you don't know any of the above, just call and start brainstorming! Vendors are there to assist you and your needs, sit back and relax


    Once the vendor has all of the preliminary information, they will then be able to put together a custom rendering and quote.  The first rendering may take a few day to put together, any revisions needed after that will take 1-2 days each depending on the vendor.  Once a final layout is approved, production will take up to 3-4 weeks; shipping time is extra.

    The process is long, but in the end you will have a donor wall worth proudly displaying in your building!

     Final Steps

    Once you receive your donor wall, it must be installed by a professional.  Either call a handyman in the area, or if you place the order with Corporate Award Source and we are within driving distance, then we will come and install it for you!

    After your custom donor wall is in place, the choice is yours what to do next.  To enhance the impact of a donor wall program, some companies and organizations choose to un-vale the new wall at a banquet, annual dinner, or perhaps even a black tie event! The possibilities are endless when it comes to the impact of a donor wall design and program.


  • 27/02/2013

    Easy Online Check-Out Process

    One of the main improvements of our website is that it is now E-commerce.  This means that you can now place your orders online!  With our new user-friendly check-out system, placing an order is easy.

    You can have your customized awards in a few simple steps:

    1) Select your desired item - it could be anything from corporate gift sets to engraved crystal awards

    2) Enter desired customization information into the provided field (and email logo artwork if necessary)

    3) Enter quantity

    4) Check out

    After the ordering process is completed online, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of the order details.  Then one to two days later, a proof will be send for pre-production approval.  Once approved, it's just a matter of time before you have your order in-hand!

    For any questions or assistance with the ordering process, please call us at 866.989.5099 or fill out our contact form.

  • 27/02/2013

    Corporate Award Source Revised Site - More Choices!

    Corporate Award Source has a newly revised site designed to help you find the awards you are looking - quick and easy.

    On our new site, we have added more specified categories  in addition to our previous options to help you find what you're looking for.  Our newest categories include: corporate gifts, quick ship awards (can ship within 3-5 business days), and star awards.

    On Corporate Award Source 2.0, we have also expanded our glass and crystal collection! We now offer an even larger array of crystal awards, including (but not limited to) colored crystal, and crystal eagle categories. Other new categories added to our collection to ease your searching process are acrylic awards, art glass, starphire, and jade glass awards.

    So, no matter what type of corporate gift, crystal award, etc.,  you may be looking for... our site has been added to and redesigned to make it easier for you to find.  Even if you can't find what you're looking for, call us at 866.989.5099 and our specialized customer service team will help to find it for you. For engraved and decorated awards, Corporate Award Source is your one stop corporate gift and award source.