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Artglass Awards

  • 05/09/2013

    Latest Trend in Corporate Awards


    For this years award season if you are looking for something fresh, new, and exciting... you might want to consider an artglass award!  Right now artglass awards are growing in popularity for a few different reasons:

    • -hand blown, one-of-a-kind awards; not one artglass piece is identical
    • -mostly made of glass (beautiful yet affordable)
    • -many pieces have a removable base, so they can double as an award or an art piece
    • -stunning; they look great displayed anywhere in an office, entry way, glass case, etc.

    Some of the currently most popular artglass awards are:

    Beautiful Blue Teardrop Artglass Corporate Award Elegance_Art_Glass_Award Eminence_Art_Glass_Award

    As always, if you have any questions about our vast collection of artglass awards, please feel free to call us directly at 866.989.5099 for assistance!