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  • 23/10/2013

    How long does it take to produce awards?

    So, you've just been asked by your boss to do some research and find a vendor with an amazing award for your next awards ceremony...and the event is next week! You're probably a nervous wreck wondering if it is even possible to get an award produced and shipped within that amount of time.  You need an award, and you need it now!

    In such a short amount of time, ordering and receiving a personalized award IS possible.  However, here's some more information to better understand how production times work...

    Standard Production Time: 7-10 business days - This means from proof approval. So, before you even start counting the 7-10 days, you must have already sent in your artwork to the vendor and approved their pre-production layout.  The 7-10 production days also does NOT include shipping time. So, depending on where you are located, tack on 2-5 days for ground shipping; 3 day, 2 day, and overnight shipping options are always available.

    Quick Ship Item Production Time: 3 business days - Quick Ship items are a new breed of awards that the awards industry has developed within the past two years.  It is a series of items that are able to be produced and personalized within 3 business days.  This is a great way to meet rush orders, without rush charges!  However, keep in mind that the 3 days doesn't include shipping time.  Shipping is always in addition.

    Rush Order Production Time: 2-3 business days - Rush orders can be done on almost any item if it is in-stock.  That means, instead of 7-10 business days for production, you get a major upgrade to only 2-3 days for production!  But wait, there's a catch - rush orders usually have a rush charge of around %35 of the cost of the item.  (Having the perfect award in a pinch, unfortunately, isn't free.) Don't forget about shipping time!

    So, with that said...if you are in need of awards, it is important to plan ahead.  If you are able to order your awards enough in advance, then you won't be limited to only a certain selection or get hit with unwanted rush charges.  For any award or gift item, try to contact a vendor 3-4 weeks in advance (before your presentation date) and you won't be sorry.