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Daniel Howard Miller Clock 620-232

Item # : 620-232

Product Description

The Howard Miller Daniel is finished in beautiful Oak Yorkshire wood. The top of the clock is arched and the dial features Arabic numerals, and decorative hour and minute hands. The dial is enclosed with a polished brass-finsihed bezel with handing pendulum. Key-wound, with Westminster chime kieninger movement; strikes on the hour, and in sequence on every 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4. The dual winding abor is an industry exclusive which provides safe winding movement at all times. Chime silence option. Crafted and assembled in the USA!

The pricing below is for the clock only.

CUSTOMIZATION IS AVAILABLE and may include: elements such as title, inscription, recipient names, date and/or logo. For expert assistance in developing an appropriate layout, please call our congenial support team and receive SPECIAL PRICING ON ALL CUSTOMIZED ORDERS.

In addition to our special pricing on customized clocks you will receive layout assistance.


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Daniel Howard Miller Clock 620-232