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Corporate Award Source FAQ

  1. What type of lead time do you need to produce a custom plaque or award?

    • Ideally, 6-10 business days from proof approval, depending on the product and quantity, plus shipping time.  However, we have added quick ship items to our products which can ship in as few as 3 business days.

      We will work with you if your requirement is shorter than ideal.   Production time for custom pieces and larger quantities may be longer, please call us to discuss if you have any concerns.


  2. Do you have a minimum order quantity?

    • Most items can be ordered as a single piece, but there are a few exceptions. 

      Please do not hesitate to call us to inquire about a specific item that you believe has minimum quantities required.


  3. Can you match PMS colors for colorfill?

    • On some pieces we can, and others we only have limited basic colors.  If you know the PMS colors you would like to use, we will use them if possible.

      For close matches, we recommend a special imprint process called illumachrome.  Illumachrome can identically transfer your art to certain awards producing a burst of color.


  4. What is the difference between optical crystal, jade crystal and lead crystal?

    • Optical Crystal is the highest quality available for award production.  Grinding and polishing creates a fine piece of crystal which will transfer light without any distortion.  Optical Crystal is lead free, without flaws, and extremely brilliant.  It has no color, so when light hits the crystal all of the colors of the light are reflected.

      Jade Crystal has a light green tint.  Silica sand produces iron ore and it is from that ore that jade crystal originates.  As jade crystal thickens, the color will deepen from light green to a darker shade.   

      Lead crystal has a 24% lead component to crystal.  As the quality of the lead crystal increases, the clarity, brilliance, and weight of the piece intensifies.  Lead crystal can contain between 36-70% pure lead creating a piece for excellent quality.


  5. What format do you prefer for personalization’s to come with an order?

    • Long personalization lists are best if sent in an excel file written exactly how you would like the name to appear on the award.  For smaller award orders, you may enter personalization as you check-out with our new on-line ordering process..


  6. What format do you need logo artwork in?

    • Not all digital art meets our requirements, as we strive to produce the best awards possible.  Logos should always be sent in an attachment as vector art which is an .ai or .eps file extension.  Logo artwork should be sent to

      If you do not have the appropriate art, we would be glad to review and provide a quote for art conversion to a format that we can use.  Most standard artwork can be converted for a one-time $35.00 charge.


  7. What type of art or photographs do you need to produce a sublimation, illumachrome or illumachrome splash process? 

            a. High quality color photos and digital images are needed for these processes, the art must be a minimum of 300 dpi.  All color matches will be very close, but exact matches cannot be guaranteed.
  8. How are shipping costs determined?  What mode do you ship the products on?

    • We generally ship via UPS or FedEx, depending on the item.  Shipping cost is based on the weight of the item being shipped to the address you provide.  Also, included in the shipping is a nominal fee per master carton for packaging and document preparation.


  9. Do you have any awards other than those listed on your site?

    • Yes we do.  Please call if you have a custom requirement or need.  We try to keep our website updated with current available products, but it is impossible to update on a daily basis. 

      We also do our best to removed discontinued items as quickly as possible.  If you inquire on a product that is no longer available, we sincerely apologize.


  10. Are your items guaranteed not to go out of stock for a period of time?

    • Our award lines are subject to change, so this is not a guarantee.  Generally, we continue to maintain a line as long as there is demand for it.  We are constantly updating and developing new products to stay with the trends and demands of the industry that we are proud to represent.